Transition Planning

Successful transition of wealth to future generations

Life changes bring on the need for new planning.  There are now new facts and many important new considerations.

  • Ownership/ Registration planning
  • Gift and Trust planning
  • Last Wills & Estate planning
  • Asset protection implementations

How your investment accounts are registered normally must to changed.  Additional available resources for each surviving person or heir may mean revisions to their personal financial planning.  Last Will and Testaments often need to be reviewed and/or altered to reflect revised estate panning concerns or issues.

The effective and accurate use of life-time gifts in possible conjunction with trusts formed during your life-time can promote successful trans-generational planning which helps keep Uncle Sam out of your “back-pocket”.

With the increasingly litigious society we live in, asset protection strategies such as use of qualified retirement plans and /or  limited liability forms of holding/owning assets is an important tactic.