Retiree & Pre-Retirees

Money management for Retirees is about financial security.

Wealth was accumulated through hard work and systematic long term savings.

The Retiree...

  • WANTS help managing personal investment assets in self-directed company or entity plans such as 401(k) plans or 403(b) plans.
  • WANTS a tax-efficient approach and ease of rolling over personal investment assets to their self-directed retirement accounts after retirement.
  • DESIRES  to delegate certain responsibilities to obtain expertise in personal financial and investment planning

Most retirees have many things in life they want to do.  See the world. Spend loads of time with family. Enjoy NOT worrying about money or investments.  They may even just want to play:  golf, tennis, cards, mahjongg.

If you want to delegate your investment management to true financial stewards, hire us today!