Asset Structure & Strategy Plan

Your Personal Capital Structure: Liquidity & Risk Management

Our investment positioning for you focuses on your cash needs, both routine and periodic liquidity, as well as your risk/reward profile. These are developed using “baskets of money” for each time horizon and risk tolerance. All is documented through your personalized “Investment Personality Profile” and “Investment Policy Statement” and your related “Asset Structure and Strategy Plan”.


We generally deploy your investments across a broad base of market sectors and several asset classes using traditional stocks or bonds in the form of direct investing, mutual funds or ETFs. We are not afraid to actively overweight outperforming and underweight underperforming sectors of the markets. Investments focused on immediate cash needs may be deployed in more fixed or lower turnover assets, with or without guarantees or restrictions.

Wealth Preservation

Our focus is your wealth for your needs. We attempt to take no more risk than you need to achieve the returns you require as documented in your financial and investment plans. We also may advise more appropriate risk where too little return on investment may fail to preserve the purchasing value of your wealth and significantly diminish your future lifestyle.

Tactical “Risk Off” Investing

Recognizing that investment markets are dynamic and often volatile, we utilize our research and professional consultation with other professionals to determine changes in the primary trends of the markets. A trend weighting strategy of defense or “risk off” is predetermined, documented, and agreed to with you prior to investing. Such tactic does not discourage being fully invested if “the trend is our friend”.