Families of Wealth/Singles

Families of wealth, whether new money or old wealth, HIRE SMART.

Private wealth management is common for those blessed with wealth or who worked hard and “produced” and have learned a thing or two about delegation.

But do you have a True Financial Steward?

  • Someone who serves your household like he serves no other?
  • Someone of expert knowledge and skill from years of experience?
  • A person of integrity you can trust to handle things in your best interests when you are away?

Have you inherited money? Are you recently widowed?  Or otherwise find yourself responsible for managing wealth?

Where do you turn for answers you can trust?

You need help...

  • REVIEWING documents and understanding strategies employed in previous planning, or
  • WANTING SUPPORT in simple but new strategic decision-making.

Don't you need a True Financial Steward?

Families of wealth know what they want.

Their primary core values center around...

  • LEISURE or

They understand delegating responsibilities...

  • WHILE REQUIRING accountability for personal financial and investment planning and implementation.

They are interested in educating future generations...

  • in the legacy of high values and
  • in the value of wealth.

The True Financial Stewards of Dean Wealth Management can serve you!